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A Report on Luxury, Online

New from HYPER & Vaan Group

Luxury, online — the great juxtaposition

You thought we were done? Oh, baby. We’re never done!

We’re just warming up.

Two weeks after dropping our field guide to creative operations, Oren and I are stoked to FINALLY release another report we’ve been working on for months.

We wrote a comprehensive report about the luxury space and how premium brands authentically show up on the internet.

Luxury 🤝 Online

It’s somewhat strange to think about luxury consumer goods online, mainly because we think about luxurious experiences in the context of what we experience in person.

But, the luxury market has changed significantly over the last decade, and the reality now—for better or worse—is that to sell anything (regardless of price) is to be online.

When did things change?

What does it mean to be a luxury brand in 2024?

How do luxury brands win with their website, customer experience, social channels, unique offers, etc?

We explore all these questions in-depth, sharing our insights and answers.

What you get with this report —

  • A primer on the history of luxury consumer goods

  • Challenges and opportunities with selling online in 2024

  • Website tactics luxury brands can use for selling online

  • How to think create compelling art direction for your brand

  • The art of editorial content and great storytelling

  • How to design a website that creates awe and wonder

  • Social strategies for luxury brands

  • A wealth of creative and brand references to draw from

  • + much more!

Note: when you share your email with Vaan, they will send you the report.

A thank you —

We hope you enjoy this report. We spent many long nights working on it!

We also owe a HUGE thank you to Xavier, Chuong, and the entire team at Vaan for believing in this creative work.

You can expect many more collaborations between us going forward.

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We’d love to chat!

Clayton & Oren ❤️ you