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  • A field guide to mastering creative operations

A field guide to mastering creative operations

A field guide to mastering creative operations

We’re excited to introduce A Field Guide for Creative Operations, a set of ideas and frameworks designed to help creatives and brands produce great work.

We’ve wanted to build a comprehensive guide like this for a while, and it only felt right to publish it with our friends at Air, given their work to help creative teams stay organized.

This guide is packed with gems where we unpack everything from:

  • How to generate quality content ideas at velocity

  • Exercises to use in your work, either alone or together

  • Using creative references and the art of moodboarding

  • Positioning your marketing team to produce better content

  • Strategies to level up your organization and creative operations

  • How to approach collabs & partnerships with your brand/products

  • Ways to think outside the box in a more corporate company structure

  • + much more!

We’ve also conducted a series of interviews with brand leaders and builders who are creating exceptional work at places like Bandit Running, Daily Paper, Graza, Feastables, Chobani, Barcardi, ASRV, and more.

These seasoned photographers, social gurus, creative & art directors, writers founders, and more, and we leaned heavily on their expertise to help inform this work.

We hope this guide offers you support and inspiration to turn your ideas into something compelling, whether you’re making videos, selling T-shirts, baking bread, or painting on canvas.

Because contrary to what some may tell you, structure creates freedom.