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Exploring luxury color schemes for your brand

A quick note

  • If you’re looking for last week’s email on activewear factories, you can find it here. 

  • If you missed the Shopify themes breakdown, the full video is here and it includes links to our recommended free and paid themes in the caption.

Ideas for luxury color schemes

Over the course of our HYPER brand strategy projects, we’ve been exploring colors for rebrands and new brands coming to markets.

Along the way, we’ve thought a lot about what palettes make a product or a website feel premium and how to approach them by category. We've learned how a bold contrast works with medium-strength colors and how myriad softer colors convey something innately tasteful.

We've developed a certain attachment to a few palletes that didn’t make it into final brands. They deserve a home, and we hope they can be in your designs.

Most of these (but not all) are designed with a base level of accessibility in mind, but bear in mind these are based primarily on vibe application; they’re designed for feel and web (pantone usage is a reason several didn’t make reality).

How to use this guide:

Each pallete contains four colors with hex code, using contrast colors from within the pallete for the type. Each also has two potential gradient applications.

These are a starting point, remix this! Pick the ones you like as anchors, slightly adjust, roll in a strong opinion, and make them your own. These are a basis for ideas; we feel they have a lot of potential, but every great visual set takes a few tweaks to make it perfect.

There are boards for each color set on Oren’s Cosmos (you can still use the invite code DESIGN if you’re not on there yet) to help you understand the vibe for each one.

You can find all 6 in a PDF here.

How to master creative ops

This week, we announced the launching of a new project called A Field Guide for Creative Operations with our friends at Air. In it, we dissect how creatives can grow the operational side to being creative more effectively.

As part of this guide, we also interviewed a ton of insanely talented creatives who are working internally at brands and building their own.

This is a new interview series exploring the day-to-day work of creative directors, art directors, and content leaders from all backgrounds.

We have a bunch of great interviews teed up to share with you in the coming months, so be on the lookout.

If you want to download the free guide, just submit your name and work email, and you’ll get sent a copy from the Air team.

A teaser of what’s inside the Field Guide…

Here are some excerpts from the field guide to give you a little idea of who we chatted with.

Here are some links to check out:

  • Good starter option, off-the-shelf products, and low MOQs: Bossly

  • A great recommended go-to option (and does Z-Gallerie, amongst others): Leho Homem

  • A luxury option worth exploring Jeemu