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What's in our Twitter bookmarks this week

You know the vibes 🥶 

The holidays are in full swing, influencers are hitting us with their 12 Days of Sponsored Posts, and the thoughtboi’s and trendgirlies are releasing their predictions and best-ofs en-masse.

Meanwhile, we’re over here dissecting pan color combinations, costing out wedding rental businesses, and looking closely at macro content trends.

Following up on last week’s issue on the resurgence of magazines. We had a lot of folks looking to create their own magazines and printed products and wanted what printer recommendations they should go with.

Below are some printer and paper options to get you started:

Overseas options (note: shipping on these items makes domestic relatively viable if you don’t want to ship by slow boat sea)

The art & science of making great paid ads

Making paid ads that are actually creative isn’t for the weak.

There’s an art and science to creative strategy, and sometimes, you need a reliable source to pull from. Sometimes, you need inspiration to try new things.

Enter: Thumbstop.

They drop a newsletter every Sunday that teaches you how to create more ads that actually convert on TikTok, Facebook, and YouTube.

Each email is filled with gems about:

⚡️ The Art: creativity cheat codes, trending ad formats backed by Motion data, and how to build creative performance teams correctly.

🔬 The Science: analytical skills that make marketers 10X more valuable, tales of scale & experimentation, and advanced creative analysis techniques.

Time to level up your paid ads!

The wonderful world of color marketing

We don’t show enough love to brands for going crazy on the color offerings. But it truly is an art, and Le Creuset is the GOAT at this.

Here’s how they do it… It starts with 2-3 seasonal launches with new colors.

These launches are supported by affiliate link sales promotions with kitchen news sites (the vast majority, if not all, of announcements/articles of their colors you see have pay-per-sale click attribution from Le Creuset via Pepperjam).

Then, at the same time, they do yearly color removal to reduce the options in the line — this drives scarcity, as customers know the colors they are looking at aren’t available forever. But this happens longer than in a “drop” model where it’s gone immediately. Le Creuset understands their purchase is likely something considered in the year and purchased in a holiday or after some deliberation.

To help with the process, and get consumers to care and consider color, Le Creuset has an intricate Pinterest showcase of each color and recommended combinations. Users can consider how they can complement their existing products with new colors.

For those interested, here are Le Creuset’s best sellers:

And best sellers by region, we love looking at the variations (and consistencies) globally:

Maybe you should start a wedding rental biz

This week, I posted a video about some friends of mine debating using their wedding costs to fund a rental business.

Here are some of the factories from our brainstorm (I haven’t ordered anything, purely conceptual) - Oren

Factories to explore for wedding stuff

A few individual product highlights

Interesting applications of AI for brands

We’ve seen some bloody terrible applications of AI over the last year. The truth is that creativity at its best is still executed by the human mind.

That said, here are a few interesting (and good, albeit) uses of AI on the consumer side of things. It’s especially fun to see how graphic designers incorporate elements of automation into their work.

Let us know if you’re doing any of this! Would love to see how it’s working out.

Nah, this one is giving grandma’s childhood neighborhood. But can you imagine how hard this would go if it could embroidered into a quilt? I’d sleep with that at my bedside every night.

And fans are using AI to build a fandom city for Nicki Minaj. Nothing like empowering the people.

Brands can’t stop making soccer kits

This has been happening for years now, and it’s hitting a new level as of late. I love seeing how fashion is becoming tightly connected to the soccer community, so much so, that independent brands launch their own jerseys.

Brigade FC

Pompeii x Kappa

When the eComm shots are just… selfies

Asian brands have been on it for a minute, but selfies-as-eComm-photos is permeating even further into brand world.

Below are from Gen-Z fan favorite White Fox 👇️ 

A uniquely NYC look from Saaf Garments:

Worn down is aspirational

We talked about this recently, but the whole “the more dinged your product is, the better it is” look is really beginning to make the rounds.

Of course, we have to give credit where it’s due to Land Rover’s genius application of this in the old ad world, and we’re seeing it nowadays with brands like Rimowa, Norda, etc.

Reverse aspiration? You tell me.

When a running brand drops loafers

Minted has been known to drop some major heat on the lifestyle front, but it’s equally associated as a running brand, too. So, it’s no surprise that Marcus, the founder, releasing a pair of loafers just makes sense for the brand.

If you’re interested, you should read the interview we did with him recently, called Talking Shop.

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