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How to source high-quality blanks for your brand

Some housekeeping

First off, there are a lot of new faces here—thanks for joining!

If you want to know more about who we are, read our archives here, or our original email about “micro brands.” This will explain our philosophy.

Second, if you came from Oren’s box video this week, here are links to the overseas box suppliers referenced in the video. These are great, affordable overseas packaging suppliers with a wide range of box options.

How to source blanks for your brand

We’re thrilled to roll out another DROPS report; this time, we cover an often-asked question on the internet:

Where do I get source blanks for my brand?

A little context—

What is a blank? A blank is an item of clothing that’s made, well… blank. It’s premade with existing sizing and dimensions, and you can order it with or without tags.

A few benefits of sourcing blanks—

  • You can easily brand whatever item you want.

  • Blanks are often well-stocked and are stored in a warehouse domestically (in the US), so they ship quickly versus dealing with something custom-made that has longer lead times internationally.

In this report, we unpack the following:

  • What blanks are

  • A merchandising glossary

  • Ways to decorate your blanks

  • Great examples of fantastic-looking merch

  • A full list of suppliers to work source in different tiers

  • A guide for how to use merch as a brand marketing play

  • Comprehensive video breakdown of different blanks suppliers

  • A nationwide directory to use for finding decorators in your state

  • + much more!

How do we know all this? 

As you’ll see in the video portion, we’ve done a LOT of research and work in this space and have ordered a ton of samples for ourselves, enough to have informed opinions on what’s good, mid, and atrocious. Now, we pass our learnings over to you.


What are DROPS? 
These are educational trend reports curated by Clayton and Oren, where we dive deep into a consumer topic, category, brand, or product and give you the full landscape of its inner workings.

DROPS offers you both a high-level and granular look into the consumer world and gives you tactical resources like where to resource samples and merchandise, how to apply creative tactics for your brand, and more.

When do you publish them? What do they cover?

We publish a new DROPS report once per month, each covering a new, interesting topic related to the consumer world.

Do they cost money?

Yes! We spent many hours curating the very best information you’ll need to digest this report, and appreciate your support.

Where can I access the latest report?

We appreciate your support, and we’ll be back with our regular programming next week.

Clayton & Oren ❤️ u