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Our reaction to Facebook's Threads, and a few other things

A little bit on The Bear, starting your own hanger brand, and accessoring *better*

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For what it’s worth—

Look, if it feels like our entire existence is one chaotic cocktail, that’s because it is!

The latest manifestation is how we all pulled up on Threads last, Facebook’s new “Twitter Killer,” acting like a bunch of social app virgins who’ve never published a half-baked opinion online before.

It’s like we forgot who to be or what to say.

And at the same time, I kind of loved that collective kumbaya energy—before the threadbois, bots, and tech bros ruin it. For a brief moment, things felt a little more human, innocent, and less contrived. Who knows how long that’ll last, but we haven’t felt that in a while.


Because we’re in a sea of trends, a constant need to biohack and over-optimize every last square inch of our existence. It’s hard to remember the days when you just could just be without the expectation for more.

So, for as much as Facebook blows, I welcome Threads. Ultimately, we need to remember that (regardless of the next trend, idea, app, or whatever else pops up), you should always look to find your people, lock in what you’re passionate about, and do what makes you happy.

Everything else is bullshit.

That’s our philosophical take for the week. Oh, and Oren already has 10k followers on Threads in the first 24 hours, so there’s that.

Hell yeah we’re in a The Bear Market

Amidst the resounding echoes of “Yes, Chef!” heard 'round the corner from your local coffee shop, it’s fascinating to see how a show like The Bear has taken the internet by storm this summer.

And how, for as much as we’re interested in the plot, we’re almost more obsessed with wardrobe selections from the show (for good reason).

Which brings up an interesting talking point about creativity in general and how one can create an allure beyond the plot by investing in good costumes for each character.

And while it doesn’t match Seinfeld levels (Seinfeld is GOATED, and I will tolerate no slander), The Bear’s emphasis on good style in the show is akin to how Seinfeld is simultaneously known for its character’s styles.

Loved this interview from Complex featuring The Bear’s costume designer, Courtney Wheeler, and how she thinks about integrating style creatively into the film. Give it a read!

Speaking of chefs…

The iconic Norman’s Café in London just released its second kit collaboration installment with Futsol, and it’s fantastic. I love the irony of a restaurant and a clothing brand making a soccer kit. It doesn’t really make sense, but all the more reason to entertain the contradictions of it.

Time to upgrade your closet hangers

Yes, your hangers suck, especially if they’re plastic and from Walmart. So, time to upgrade, baby!

If you need a sign to start your own brand and launch a niche vertical like neon-colored hangers with smiley faces on it, now’s your chance. Go forth.

Here are a few factory options to get you started.

That one Noah x Puma video

Sometimes I think about how fun it would be if Central Park was a concrete jungle and Manhattan was one big, wooded forest. And we’d all spend our weekends sunbathing on pavement, dreading going back to our 9-5s in the forest. And I think it would be fun if someone integrated that into a campaign somehow.

Weird, right?

It’s also why I love Noah NY’s latest collab with Puma. They flipped the norms in the best way, and with the most “rulesy” of sports, no less.

That’s what the best campaigns are, subtle mind shifts—ironic or not—that get you to think a little differently and hopefully have you thinking about it long after the campaign is gone.

Make bags fun again

Accessories are having a fun moment, no doubt. But the fanny pack is a bit tired and overplayed; we need something slightly different to iterate on.

Whether it be packable bags, mini totes, or messenger bags, there’s plenty of room to play in this space. Danton, a French bag brand, is doing a fantastic job with this.

Here are a few of our favorite pieces.

Factories for bags and other small leather goods

OOH ads done right

For as many DTC brands that have taken over the OOH / direct mailer circuit, there are not nearly enough OOH ads being owned by independent brands right now, and that’s a shame.

So it’s refreshing to see when a literal Persian rug company throws up an ad on the side of a building. With Rimowas side-by-side.