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Packaging matters

Product launch briefs, packaging survey results, plus an image pack from DTS


If you missed last week's email on brand naming and signage, you can find it here.

And for this edition of HYPER we're excited to bring you a new proprietary dataset on how consumers use packaging, a checklist for product planning, and some free licensed imagery courtesy of our friends Death to Stock.

This week, Clayton talks about how Hoka became a cash cow, Oren looks at the planning process for preparing to create a product, and he guests on the WKNDS podcast for a long form download on social growth and brand building.

We're excited to share the pre-product development checklist Oren references in his video below - thanks to supply chain and design group Shyft Global for letting us share their product brief process with everyone!

Whether you are a first time brand builder researching your product, or an existing brand looking to ensure your next developments help take your company to the next level, this is a product brief overview to get you going:

  • Who is the target consumer? Age, income, activities, needs

  • What is the product? Purpose, function, features & materials

  • Why will this product be successful? And is there any data to back it up.

  • Who are the competition? List the brands, their pricing, and why we can do better.

  • What are the price targets? X-factory (leaving factory before any shipment), landed in the US, Wholesale (to a retailer) and MSRP (price to consumer)

  • What are details we want to hone in on? Materials and hardware choices, packaging, sizing etc.


We consistently get asked about the images we use at the top of each HYPER newsletter. While I'd like to maintain the narrative that Clayton and I are just up at midnight with the Hasselblad's out making magic... these images are ALL from Death to Stock. If you haven't heard me talk about DTS before...

Why we like them: 

  • Relevant, unique imagery that stands out on social

  • Amazing trend curation -- they have images on platform as visuals are happening in the zeitgeist

  • Amazing pool of talent that put 250+ targeted images on the platform each month

  • Used by designers at LVMH, Shopify, Nike, Apple & Squarespace

  • At $15/m, $65/m with agency distro rights to clients it's a screaming deal (I also use them for my sponsored video posts, a huge time saver for creators)

You can give them a shot HERE and use code HYPER2024 for 15% off for 12 months.

They've also been nice enough to give all HYPER subscribers access to 8 photos to use completely for free!  You can grab the link here and use for your content or brand. Download now, this is only available for 48 hours.

Included images:


In April we surveyed over 500 people about how they interact with product packaging, and their likes, dislikes and habits.  We're super excited to share the results, and hopefully inspire some of your next product packaging decisions.

If you've ever needed data to determine why its important to invest in look, sustainability, social media-shareability, seasonal designs or many other things we cover here -- these are the charts to show your team.

Worth noting: our audience skews creative, if you look at core demographics of our followers who participated, its a combo of gen-z, gen-x and millenial who work in creative and product focused industries.  We believe our demographic well represents what we call the "creative class" that are both early adopters and champions of new products.  If you want fully downstream data, this is probable not it, but if you want data on advocates and early in the curve opportunity, we're confident this is a good representation.

A big thank you to SurveyMonkey who made this possible, and a breeze to execute.

A few standouts:

  • "Artistic" is the style of packaging people are attracted most too.

  • 80% of respondents have reused packaging for something else

  • 33% have purchased a product in the last month because it or its packaging is sustainable

  • 40% find seasonal and special edition packages attractive

  • 90+% always or sometimes review ingredients and descriptions on packaging

  • 55% have shared packaging pictures on social media

  • 76% have shared packaging via DM or message to a friend



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