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Micro is the new macro

Our 2024 manifesto to the brand builders

How to make UGC that crushes 🚀 

Content is a double-edged sword.

You need it for your brand, but sourcing quality UGC by yourself sucks.

The whole experience is tedious. Reach out, Send the briefs, handle comms, contracts, feedback. Blah, blah, blah.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Let Minisocial do it all for you!

They got a huge database with thousands of top-tier creators, and they’ve worked with everyone from Plant People, immi, and CORKCICLE to JOJA and Super Coffee. With a lot of these brands they’re seeing:

  • TikTok ads performing in the top 1% of CVR,

  • 50% decrease in costs per add-to-cart,

  • 92% increase in organic video views

  • 30%+ increase on ROAS

Sign up in minutes, tell them what you want, and they connect you to quality, on-brand micro-influencers who make awesome UGC.

They do the grunt work; you print the cash.

Pricing starts at $2,000, and in exchange, you’ll get 25 edited videos. No long-term commitments.

HYPER readers get their first 25 UGC videos for $1,700!

Check out what they do ✅ 

Micro is the new macro – our pep talk to you

Welcome to the creator-led eComm era.

As cringe as that may sound, we still mean it. We just lived through a nearly decade of the insufferable DTC growth era, driven by Facebook ads, artificial VC dollars, and unrealistic brand expectations.

But the tables have turned. This isn’t 2018.

If the last 10 years were about building a product and finding the right customer, then the next decade will be defined by building a community around ideas, hobbies, and topics and letting physical products flow as a natural extension of that passion.

That’s literally why we created Hyper. We’re building a community for the (micro) brand builders. Creators. The multi-preneurs. Dreamers. The doers.

And in this new era…

Everyone has a voice; anyone can put chips on the table.

So, find your voice and pick your lane.

Create something–anything–and start small.

Document the hell out of your journey.

Invite us into the process.

Tell your story.

Push for progress over perfection. Grow naturally, responsibly, and profitably, and make friends with your customers along the way. People online are more like friends these days anyway.

Whether you’re new to HYPER or a long-time reader, we’re a strategic and tactical resource for anyone reading this who wants to build a brand, works at a brand, or owns a brand.

In today’s issue, we offer some 2024 inspiration about micro brands and where to begin.

Go niche to go big; micro brand examples

Brandon at Blanked is one of our favorite examples of the creator-to-brand pipeline because he leads with design, intention, and storytelling.

Everything has a reason, a storyline, a purpose, a part of the identity inside the world he’s building on social media.

Good Girl Snacks tells the story of CPG through the lens of two best friends, providing a candid view into a fun product (a pickle), uniquely set for social media storytelling.

Sometimes, the best products already exist, and you get to personify them in the form of a ravioli-shaped spoon holder. What’s more fun than that?

On that note, another common thread we see with products is taking existing pieces and tweaking or customizing them for your customers. Graham Ebner Boots is the perfect example of this. Are they expensive AF? Yes.

Is there a market for it? Also, yes

Ed started with pillows and is slowly testing, moving into bags, a perfect complement to content centered around his beautiful interior space.

Wall plugs, but make it fun. This is a trippy sight to experience, but it’s one of those interior details that genuinely elevates a space beyond what you could imagine. More accessorizing like this.

Or, you could take on the $130 billion dollar coffee industry by making a caffeine-alternative that helps with productivity and packaging that looks super sexy.

More visual examples 🔍️ 


#duet with @Kristin Juszczyk These FOUR elements were utilized to perfection by @kristinjuszczyk over the weekend. She’s BEEN doing great... See more

Jordan hits perfectly on one of the more viral fan merch stories of our time - Kristin’s business leveraged the cultural football moments of our current period to wildly successful viral videos, and even a product appearance on Taylor Swift herself.

The time is now

Look, just start.

Build something, anything! Fail and try again. Document the process. Create shit and tune out the noise. Invite others into your story, and see what happens.

This week Oren kicked off a new “Sample Day” series breaking down specific factory samples:

The vendor for the knit sweater is on Pietra – HERE

The distressed hat vendor is on Pietra – HERE

The vendor for the hats we loved is Crease Group.

Then we dove into different options for hoodie strings and aglets…

Custom drawstrings and aglets on Alibaba and an alternative.

Plus an excellent reference set on Pinterest to take to your factory – HERE

HYPER Reports

Check out our market reports. We spend many, many hours researching markets, categories, and brands & products within the consumer space–all so that you don’t have to.

How to Source Blanks 101 — HERE​ 
A guide to finding and producing your own merch

Market reports on Running, Golf and Tennis — HERE
A guide to each sport, the market opportunities, and how to launch your own brand

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