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In Maximalism We Trust

Tactical insights on how to leverage color and maximalism

In Maximalism We Trust

If it feels like everything is getting louder, to the point of absurdity (ahem, big red boots), then you’re paying attention. We’re not done with this wave. Things will likely run until the end of this year and into the next. So strap on your big red boots, and think how much louder you can possibly go.

The era of DTC blanding of the last decade is past us; let us immerse ourselves in all the mess, clutter, and chaos.

It’s a wonderful (and much-needed) shakeup in branding and a great opportunity to add a complex illustration to your logo, experiment with something new or lean into a new aesthetic entirely.

Beyond the loud branding, though, your ultimate lever as a brand is how your branding and products make someone feel.

How did it resonate for them?

So, let your brand's creative side loose!

Accents and pops of color 🎨

If you don’t want your product to be loud, try integrating a loud accent into an otherwise subdued product.

Hawkwood Mercantile does a nice job incorporating flashes of color into their Anoraks.

Or this eye-catching pair of tactical boots from Reese Cooper.

Again, it doesn’t have to be all loud. It can be a small detail like a pocket or stitching.

Ways of thinking about maximalism 💭

Whether starting with a blank or a cut-and-sew item, how can you layer on and provide intense detail and materials options? Whether elevated or chaotic, the consumer will be expecting much more for their dollar.

mages from Y/Project


This summer is a summer of loud colors, power clashes, and more. The time for oranges and browns, grape on black, and clutter meets chaos with a strong dose of shock, is now.

To start - frosted grape

These are blanks available for your brand done with a Spray Wash. The hoodies are 39.50 the bottoms are 29.50 from madeblanks.com. They also do wholesale custom dye.

Details of the spraywash

Orange is the summer color of 2023. Lean in, but not for too long.

Shades of red - Reds and magenta, and in particular slight derivations of Pantone’s “Color of the Year”


In this video, Oren covers sourcing mesh athletic shorts and how to develop the product.

Start with a domestic blank from Made Blanks. The initial cost looks something like…

$18.50 + $5.00 printing/tag $23.50 + domestic ship

This is a great option if you need something fast and high quality at a somewhat reasonable price.

Using resources like Healy on Alibaba for die sublimation (all-over print that looks great from afar, but a little fuzzy from close up) replicate the style with some alternations and improvements.

The total printed and shipped cost is $13.30 per unit

Which is a lower price but has a lead time of 75 days and is the easiest for real customization options they will work with you.

Pietra (a sourcing marketplace) is also a great product replicator overseas. This factory is perfect for mailing a simple product like shorts, hoodies, or pants to get a replicated style and work with them size grading.

This is $15 per unit, tagged and printed, plus another $1.50 in Pietra fees and shipping, to land squarely in the middle at around $20 shipped. However, the total production and shipping time is cut in half. On the flip side, Pietra’s warehousing and fulfillment resources in-house make up for that.

Search THFabric inside Pietra. Use code OREN30 for 30% off your membership.

A content exercise 🤳

Brands always ask, “what kind of content should I make?” or “how can I stay consistent with content”. If you are a brand with multiple products, then simple Product Showcase videos are a great, pivotal place to begin.

These are optimized for all short-form video platforms; Reels (FB & Instagram), TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. They’re also an amazing addition to your product detail pages on your eCommerce store or your email automation!

A product showcase video is when you shoot straight down, or at an angle (which is easier), of a product being taken out of the bag/box it’s shipped in.

It should be:

  • 15-:20 seconds max,

  • Contain the name of the product in a text tile

  • And be composed of 10-20 fast 1-2 second shots.

I recommend shooting these on your phone, editing in the free Capcut (cut out all fat) software, and putting your title in separately in Reels and TikTok.

Use trending audio, and use your caption to describe the product details (you can paste your product detail page's description or get creative).

You’ll need:

  • A floor that looks decent (concrete, wood etc)

  • A tripod for your phone (no need for a fancy camera, just get a good iPhone)

  • Hands

Here are some examples from one brand posted weekly, along with other content.


Introducing our newest silhouette, The Broken Planet Tech Pants 🦿🕷️ • Made from a sturdy, 100% recycled polyester for everyday wear • Adj... See more


Restocking this Sunday at 8 PM UK time 🤍


Dropping this Sunday at 8PM UK time in Soot Black and Shadow Grey 🖤

Your challenge before next month… Shoot and post 5 of these.

This is great supplemental content. It shouldn’t be the only thing you post, but it adds layers to your strategy with product-focused, easy-to-shoot content. That also is a sales tool in emails and on your website.

These might not go viral, but they will build trust with your audience to purchase a specific item.


Looking for dedicated strategy or product roadmap support?

Shoot us a note here: [email protected]