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Introducing: HYPER DROPS

A research arm arm where we unpack trends, brands, and products

Announcing Trend Reports ⚡️ 

Super exciting news to share with you today!

We’re thrilled to roll out DROPS, a research arm exploring emerging trends, brands, and products in the consumer world.


What are DROPS? 
These are educational trend reports curated by Clayton and Oren, where we dive deep into a consumer topic, category, brand, or product and give you the full landscape of its inner workings.

DROPS offers you both a high-level and granular look into the consumer world, in addition to giving you tactical resources like where to resource samples and merchandise, how to apply creative tactics for your own brand, and more.

When do you publish them? What do they cover?

We publish a new DROPS report once per month, and each one will cover a new, interesting topic related to the consumer world.

Up first is The Trend Report on Running Apparel, followed by:

  • The art of creative direction in building a brand

  • How to leverage Influencers & Creators for your brand

  • A survey of experiential retail and store popups

Do they cost money?

Yes! We spent many hours curating the very best information you’ll need to digest this report, and appreciate your support.

Where can I access the first report?

A primer on this report—what we cover 👇️ 

The running world is one of the most fascinating areas in the activewear space to watch right now.

On the tail end of an era largely dominated by incumbents like Nike, ASICS, Brooks, Puma, and Adidas, there is a new wave of independent running brands rolling in, focused on producing high-quality, technical-first apparel, and it's exploded over the last decade.

Now, we’re hitting an inflection point where the way running gear looks while running is just as important as how it performs.

Brands are building cult-like communities around their products and content, taking streetwear elements, each with its own subcultures and an IYKYK attitude.

The world of running apparel is a blend of form and function.

In this report, we unpack the following:

  • This new running landscape

  • Who are those brands in this space

  • How they're carving a niche in such a large market

  • Creative tactics for brand building, content, and partnerships

  • A wealth of merchandising & sourcing resources for those wanting to create their own products

  • and much more!

Got questions? Comments? Ideas?

Send us a note at [email protected]