This is it, the week of Black Friday, Turkey 5 for my Amazon-selling friends—our Super Bowl of sorts.

At this point, the beds are made, the influencers paid (Net30 from the end of the month), and we sit and watch the numbers.

Some reading to stop you from staring longingly at e-commerce dashboards:

Artlist dropped their free 2024 brand content report, a wealth of ideas on how your brand should look at content in 2024. Grab it here.

Looking for some holiday reading? May I suggest the System Magazine archive, most of which can be downloaded in PDF.

This is an Oren solo email this week, Clayton and I will be back with the full HYPER experience next week.

In the Spirit of the Season

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Clean self-care brand (and Costa Mesa resident with me) Jack Henry is 30% off.

20% off gifts from the garden at Flamingo Estate.


Reflecting back on the year and a few of my favorite campaigns. Each stand out for a different reason. Some have impactful visuals, others a viral concept, some just interesting product ideas. No matter what industry you’re in, there’s some inspiration to find.

The energy and clamor of House of Error’s Black Friday Market Crash

The absurdity of Brigade’s sock sleeping bag, set against a backdrop of New York life.

The cowgirl vignette from Understated Leather

The vehicle framing of Stussy’s Fall

The film-styled scenes of Libero’s sting operation

If you missed it last week, read our full liberty interview here:


The cart is open and there are 7 days left to join our CUT30 short-form video bootcamp. Starts Nov 27th, and ends before the holiday. This is your time to bring a new skill into the new year.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to make video online for you and your brand, we use a combo of thorough curriculum, group zooms plus accountability and workshopping on Slack to help you break the mold and become a regular video creator, whether green screen, talking head, or filming the world around you.

The last cohort saw freelancers, brand owners, social media managers, creatives and athletes alike find their rhythm and learn how to create content for TikTok and Instagram Reels. Maybe it’s time you joined them.

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Colin breaks down one of the success stories from the first BootCamp:

Related, I’ve been sharing a lot of links of examples companies and individuals can use for formats for short-form video.


Luxury product overview:

Craft/artisan business


Typographic Tips:

Geo-coded UX:

A glitch in the matrix of Oreo IP

The accessories wars are heating up:

I can't wait to see what you create!

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