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A report on the evolution of golf and its connection to streetwear, PLUS: factories for fragrances and scents

Introducing — The Trend Report of Golf Apparel & Gear

We’re pumped to finally roll out this new report. It’s something we’ve been working on for weeks.

And to bring this to life, we’ve tapped in our friend Colin Landforce to share some insights the consumer market for golf!

Golfcore on the rise 📈

We had so much fun researching and creating this report, in part because of how golf is being rebranded before our eyes.

It’s different than it used to be.

Adidas x Burning Cart Society

The sport's inherent elitist, country club energy is slowly fading, and instead, we’re witnessing a new wave of brands, communities, and spokespeople rebrand it to connect with younger demographics.

In other words, the “game for old white guys” narrative is unraveling before our eyes, thanks partly to a youthful injection of creativity and playfulness.

Without further adieu, here’s a consumer-focused report on Golf Apparel and Accessories. Or we can call it Golfcore, as the kids say.

Macklemore’s Bogey Boys

What you’ll learn and get from this report:

  • An overview of the competitive golf landscape

  • Knowledge of how brands are marketing their products

  • How to decide what products you should make in this space

  • Playbooks for creating content, seeding products, and launching your own brand from scratch

  • A wealth of merchandising & sourcing resources for those wanting to create their own products

  • + much more!

Forden Golf

So, you want to start your own scent?

On a separate note, if you recently subscribed because you wanted access to factories for scents, here you are!

  1. Dynamic Blending in Utah makes scents and a variety of other goods with fragrances for body and skin care like sunscreen — website

  2. Alt Fragrances has a great program to private label their existing best-selling scents with MOQs as low as 50 — website

  3. Another option with in-house packaging options is Prive Label — website

All of the above offer options direct on Pietra for communications and deals to get started.

Here’s a great flat-rate choice from Makesy, where you’ll get to experience the process end-to-end.

Want to learn more?

Here’s Oren’s in-depth guide to making a scent

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